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Save My Marriage Today - full review

The Save My Marriage Today program is excellent for couples with marriage problems. Even couples in successful marriages can benefit  from it. The program teaches fundamental principles that relate to all couples.

Save My Marriage Today aids couples to ponder their marriage problems and how their undesrtandings and attitudes help determine a recovery or contribute to their fiasco. It's typical for a marriage to cycle through arguments. In fact, the course talks about how arguments are okay. Don't be ashamed! How a couple deals with conflict is the key to the health of your marriage. The leaders of the program ask you to look at your belief system and to change your habits so you can rebuild your relationship constructively.

Save My Marriage Today covers:

* Pinpointing your marital issues. Why exactly is your marriage in crisis?

* Marital expectations. What did you think marriage was going to be and what should you think?

* 10 steps to stop your divorce after an affair.

* How to deal with addiction. Learn how to detox, prevent relapses, what to do if it's your partner dealing with an addiction.

* What to do if you feel smoothered? How to spend more quality time together. Learn to find balance in life.

* Anger management. How can you deal with and control anger? What if your spouse flies off the handle? Find ways to manage stress. Use study guides to help you cope.

* What to do if you feel that nothing you do is ever good enough.

* Communication skills. Form new communication habits. Get ways to connect with your spouse again.

* Transforming your relationship. How to break old habits and form new ones so you can move forward. How to get past those old defining moments and redefine your marriage.

The strategies the group reveals are to the point, hit home to every relationship and have proved over and over again to help save marriages from separation and divorce.