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Keep Your Marriage - full review

Keep Your Marriage is a good book, but you can't say that it's truly an "alternative to counseling" because Nancy Wason is, in fact, a traditional counselor. And although the program is a book and not a counseling session, the advice is essencially counseling. You might say that Keep Your Marriage is a do-it-yourself counseling program. The program is good from this point of view, however, counseling in general is not effective, and so no matter how well written the book, do-it-yourself counseling doesn't have a high success rate.

Nancy Wason does demonstrate how typical communication techniques backfire and she does offer some effective suggestions.

Keep your Marriage is not a comprehensive program. Instead, there are various formats offered. The Keep Your Marriage book is the flagship program and the resource that covers the most ground, offers the most techniques, and delivers advice for the most situations.

Overcome Control Conflict is an 8 CD set specifically designed for people dealing with a controlling spouse. If you have the passive-dominant dynamic playing out in your marriage, where one person is the people-pleaser and the other spouse is the controller, then this might be a useful tool for you. It teaches how to overcome controlling behavior and learn to share power in the marriage. If you're trying to save your marriage from this dysfunctional interplay then you will find these teachings helpful.

One thing the Keep Your Marriage program does a good job of is "cheerleading," in other words, inspiring you not to give up and to stay motivated to make the proper effort to save your marriage. If you need support, motivation, and inspiration to stay with your marriage you will find these materials helpful.

One of the most painful marital experiences is the betrayal of an affair. As a bonus to the Keep Your Marriage program there is material on how to survive an affair and get your spouse to end their infidelity. The recommendations are a bit unrealistic, but if you're being betrayed by your spouse you might want to try to apply some of the suggestions.

Once you buy the program you do get the opportunity (for an additional fee) to schedule private counseling sessions with Nancy Wason. If you need 1-on-1 private counseling sessions you might appreciate the opprotunity to talk to the author herself.